I dont believe her.

Portfolio and portraits for my sister with video

12/13/20221 min read

My sister Amelia is the closest thing to a twin that is possible for me, except the fact there is a 14 year difference. Even though I missed a lot of her growing up being the distant, independant sibling on their own path, she's found her way along my footsteps and is more like me every day, i wanted to base a project on her and relate it back to me as she just keeps picking up on everything that infactuated me when i was her age, she's a dancer with a interest in gaming, photography and content creation through twitch and youtube, everything i had strived for without having any idea on what I did outside of being the big sibling that didn't show up much.

She is adamant that she's going to be a dancer but she is going to do so much more and in this video is an explanation why.