Everyday and Narrative

[ONGOING] Research and reasoning for my Narrative Everyday project.

1/18/20231 min read

We were tasked with creating a open project within the theme of 'the everyday'

I wanted to do a project based around myself and my everyday which is nothing exciting atall. i work, sleep, eat and live at my desk, but with that over the years has came with a lot of strain on my mental health, and i found this to be the perfect time to make a project out of that. so here's my work on myself and my mental health, every day.


My concept amongst the 20 pictures are 10 commercial esk pictures of what people expect to see at a desk accompanied and paired with 10 images symbolising depression and mental health amongst these spaces. using a but of juxtaposition between the images to show what we see across from how we feel.


The top 6 images are product and specifically gaming related photography, the bottom 6 are conceptual images relating to mental health.